Attracting more businesses to Downtown Syracuse is a priority in redevelopment effort

At their 2nd retail recruitment event Thursday, the Syracuse Downtown Committee focused on attracting prospective business owners to open their businesses in the Downtown area.

In recent years, some businesses have packed up and left for the suburbs. Thursday's event was part of a larger, proactive effort to bring those businesses back.

Frank Gohl always makes a stop in Downtown Syracuse when visiting his daughter in Dewitt.

"This is quite an area. It reminds me a lot of New York City," says Gohl.

The one thing Gohl thinks is missing, is more retail stores.

"There's a ton of restaurants. My wife is in there now looking at a shop. But there aren't an awful lot of shops. So I'd like to see more shops down here," says Gohl.

Local retailer, Bounce, would also like to see more like minded stores in the area. Assistant Manager, Melissa Sprague, says it would help Downtown be known as more than just a place for eating and bar hopping.

"We're on board with trying to change the perception of Downtown being more of a shopping location not just night life and restaurants. Although we do have some great ones down here," says Sprague.

Empire Brewing Company is one of the thriving restaurants in Armory Square and they welcome businesses to join in on their success. Managing partner, Adam Eagan says it's important incoming businesses bring their "A game".

"There's a lot of talented people in this area. Artists, artisans for bread, great food, great bars. Everyone in Armory Square is literally at the top of their game in the Syracuse area I would say," says Eagan.

Gohl thinks Downtown is off to a great start.

"I think it's wonderful place to be. Syracuse should be very proud of itself," says Gohl.

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