Auburn set to celebrate Harriet Tubman Day

March 10th is Harriet Tubman Day, and her adopted home, Auburn, is planning observances on Sunday.

Harriet Tubman spent her last years in Auburn, her home on land that came to her from William Seward, whose mansion was part of the Underground Railroad. Tubman was a 'conductor' on the freedom trail, responsible for guiding over 300 slaves to freedom. without losing anyone.

Auburn is now home to the NY York State Equal Rights Heritage Center, which aims to help get Harriet Tubman national attention for her life's mission. The Experience Manager at the Heritage Center, Courtney Rae Kasper, says that since they opened last fall, almost 5,000 have come to visit.

March 10th (next Sunday) is Harriet Tubman Day nationwide, and Auburn has special events planned, including:
>Noon: Opening Ceremonies at the Heritage Center (25 South Street) (free)
>until 4pm: special vendors and attractions, Heritage Center (includes singing by Genesee Elementary School)
>1-5pm. Seward House open, guided tours hourly 1-4 (33 South Street) (discounted entry $5, under 6 free)
>1-5pm, Harriet Tubman House guided tours (180 South St) free
>7-9pm MLK Jam, Auburn Public Theatre (7 Exchange St) free

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