Auburn woman warning dog owners after finding hot dog laced with rat poison

Sandra said the hot dog in her garden was laced with rat poison.

A warning to all dog owners, watch what your four-legged friends are eating outside.

Sandra Fox Steigerwald said someone might have tried to poison her dog in Auburn.

"He is so sweet and loveable," Sandra said. "Why would someone want to hurt somebody so innocent and sweet?"

After letting her dog, LeRoy Brown, out Wednesday morning, Sandra noticed a hot dog in her garden.

"The hot dog had eight holes drilled into it with brown stuff stuck inside each one of the holes," Sandra said.

Her neighbor also found a hot dog on the back porch.

"She didn't say it had holes in it like mine. That it was just a random hot dog she thought an animal took out of the garbage," she added.

But Sandra things something more sinister might be going on. She believes the hot dog in her garden was laced with rat poison. She is not only worried about her dog, but also the kids in the neighborhood.

"A two-year-old lives in the apartment next door. He could have come out and picked up this hot dog and probably would have bit into it," Sandra said.

She said she has been working with police and now has a message for others.

"Just check your yard because you don't know. This is a horrible world we're living in today and people do random things for random reasons."

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