Authorities identify suspect in Madison County standoff

The Madison County Sheriffâ??s Department has released the identity of the man found dead after a standoff in DeRuyter Thursday morning.

26-year-old Eric Duncan, of DeRuyter, was found dead in an abandoned bed and breakfast. Deputies say Duncan kidnapped a 22-year-old woman at gunpoint from her home in the Town of Cuyler, in Cortland County.

Investigators say that Duncan threatened to kill the victimâ??s entire family. A family member called 911.

Investigators say the victim was Duncanâ??s ex-girlfriend and that she had an order of protection against him.

Duncan drove into Madison County before ditching his car and walking three miles through the woods into DeRuyter. A K-9 unit reportedly tracked the pair to the abandoned bed and breakfast at about midnight.

The woman was assaulted several times during the incident. The victim told police that Duncan had a handgun, shotgun and a knife.

At about 2:30 am the victim was able to escape after Duncan reportedly took an unknown quantity of pills.

Authorities say that Duncan could be seen walking around as SWAT, State Police and sheriffâ??s deputies surrounded the building.

At about 9:20 am a robot was sent in to the building and found Duncanâ??s body. The victim is being treated at the hospital for injuries sustained during the ordeal.

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