Baby boom at Crouse Hospital: 21 babies in 24 hours

SYRACUSE, NY -- It was all hands on deck for the nurses of the Labor and Delivery unit at Crouse Hospital.

First time parents, Rebecca and Corwin Coburn welcomed Charlotte Patricia Coburn at exactly 7:38 in the morning on Jan. 24th.

"We got here at 4:30 in the morning and it seemed dead. I was thinking it was probably a slow night, maybe it's just us, who knows, didn't think anything of it," said Rebecca.

But it turned out the Coburn's of Syracuse weren't alone, Charlotte was the first in a whirlwind of 21 babies in 24 hours. Nurses worked overtime and worked together to ensure smooth deliveries.

"This 21 baby scenario that we just had was actually a very positive one, healthy moms and healthy babies," said Allison Whalen, Registered Nurse at Crouse Hospital.

So why such a boom in babies? Nurse Allison Whalen counted back 9 months and believe warm weather in the air meant spring lovers last march, but what surprised her most was the placement of the moon.

"99 percent of the time it's true to form, when there is a new moon there are more deliveries, so that is why it's so surprising to me that yesterday was a crescent moon," said Whalen.

The Coburn's found this interesting as well. "Three from my company pregnant around the same time I was, something in the water I don't know," added Rebecca.

At just a day and a half in this world, Charlotte's parents have one thing on their mind, to take her home.

"Show her all the cool things we made her, and get her settled in then I think it will really hit us," said Rebecca.

All 21 babies born with a special bond.

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