Baldwinsville school boosting security for prom

Baldwinsville school boosting security for prom

As the semester comes to an end, many cant forget how it started.

"When Parkland happened, as a principal of a school, you run scenarios even at night when you're going to sleep of things that may happen," Charles W. Baker High School principal Donald Root said.

With their senior ball around the corner, he says security plans are top of his mind. He shares the number one priority has always to keep kids safe, but this year the dynamic is changing.

"Back in the day you were checking for, you know, somebody that smelled like pot or marijuana, or somebody that's under the influence of alcohol," Root said. "Well, now you're raising the awareness to, you know, do you see anything on them?"

Root says they will have about 20 chaperones and four administrators keeping an eye on students, checking bags at the entry, and monitoring the exits. They will also have two school resource officers on duty. One of them, Michael Nord, says it's sad these are the times we live in, but keeping kids safe is a job he holds in high regards.

"It's so important that you know, for the school resource officers, and for the staff to just make them feel more like 'I can focus on my grades. I can focus on my education, and I don't have to worry about that, because I know that there are people that have my back,'" Nord said.

By the time the celebration comes, Nord and Root just want the students to have fun.

"Our objective is we want to make sure the kids are safe, and we want to make sure the kids going to have a good time," Root said.

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