Baldwinsville team runs for freedom to remember fallen hero

This Seneca 7 run brought light to the Freedom Team's foundation.

It's 77.7 miles around Seneca Lake. At the Seneca seven race, seven members from each team complete the course together. A team from Baldwinsville was running with a specific purpose in honor of their fallen hero, Corporal Kyle Schneider.

Two summers ago in Afghanistan, Corporal Schneider was killed when an IED bomb detonated. His sacrifice saved several other marines that day. This Freedom Team is keeping Kyle's memory alive by running throughout the area to raise awareness for the foundation they set up in his name, which brings lightly used items to military families in need.

Lorie Schneider is Kyle's mother. "Seneca Lake was a lake that he held dearly and loved. We went fishing with the family, sightseeing. It's a lake that our family always came to," says Schneider. "It doesn't matter if you run a 6 minute mile or a 26 minute mile. All we ask is that you run and think of our brave fallen heros that have sacrificed. And also have thought of our military and give them support."

Kyle's great-aunt is Carole Ozark. "The mission is to give back to the community, the military and to support them because that is what he felt. He fought for freedom," says Ozark.

His cousin JoAnne Ozark knows what this would mean to him. "He was a ball of energy of fun of caring, kindness. He was always willing to help others," says Ozark.

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