Birmingham bombings remembered by Syracuse University

4 Little Girls by Spike Lee


years to the day after the Birmingham bombings, people still remember exactly where they were the minute they heard about the attack.

Helen Lee was born and raised in Birmingham. "I sat next to a man who described to me the details of that bombing to the point that my fingerprints, I'm sure are still on the Eastern Airline plane," says Lee.

Dozens came out to the Syracuse Law School to remember the bombings, which killed four year old girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. The event was held to remember but also to send an important message still relevant 50 years later.

Mark O'Brien was one of the students who was helping to put this event together. "It still exists and I think that's why we have to have events like these. That's why we have to continue to educate people so events like this one which happened 50 years ago won't happen again," says O'Brien.

Today's event featured a documentary by Spike Lee called "4 Little Girls," a documentary about the bombings. Those who came out also heard speeches from those impacted by the attack, hoping to continue educating people decades later.

Reverend LeRoy Wright gave the opening prayer on Sunday afternoon. "Other people need to do the same thing by taking a step out and trying to make a change. It's one person at a time, just like one day at a time it's one step at a time. But the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step," says Wright.

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