Blistery cold temps have neighbors switching mindset from fall to winter

Blistery cold temps have neighbors switching mindset from fall to winter

Here at this Home Depot in East Syracuse - people have been stopping by for some winter essentials.

"I have ten bags of rock salt here," Mike Rusinko, said.

Mike Rusinko of Auburn is a driver with AAA and is used to being on the road in dangerous conditions.

Besides staying alert and driving slow, his plan this Thursday evening is to salt the driveway.

"Specifically to make sure that all the doors and sideways are melted," Rusinko added.

Many people said we've been lucky this fall, blessed with mostly mild temperatures.

Charlie Johnson of East Syracuse told us it's been so warm he still has his motorcycle out.

"It's been too mild, everybody got used to it," Johnson explained.

So with arctic cold weather on the way, Johnson says its time to get serious and start thinking about prep for the winter.

"I'm just going to change the snow tires on the truck that's all have to do my wife's car in my truck and that's about it," Johnson said.

As for others we spoke with, they are used to this weather and hope drivers are safe caution on their way to work tomorrow morning.

"You need to slow down take your time and leave for work earlier than you normally do. So you can make up for it because there's going to be an accident that you're going to get stuck behind and you're gonna have to wait," William Morgan of Baldwinsville said.

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