Blue Ribbon: Preventing Pet Poisoning

Blue Ribbon: Preventing Pet Poisoning

There is information you can get at the Fair, that will be useful all year long, including the Pet First Aid talk at the Veterinary Hall of Health---every day at 3pm thru Labor Day (its at the back of the DVM Horse Barn)

Dr. Laura Cook does the presentation, and starts with a list of dog poisoning hazards. #1 is CHOCOLATE--and she points out that chocolate is toxic to humans, as well, but since we weigh more than our pets, it takes more to affect us.
Baking chocolate is the worst for dogs to get into, though candy bars can have an effect. Check the website for a quick reference on how much is too much for a dog.

Also on the list, AVOCADOS---their skins are extremely toxic to dogs, so be careful where you put the peelings. The same for COFFEE GROUNDS. And don't give your dog 'human' food that contains the sweetener XYLITOL. The sugar substitute is used in, among other things, PEANUT BUTTER & CHEWING GUM. GRAPES AND RAISINS are also on the poison warning list, they include a substance that can cause kidney failure in dogs. Other concerns, ONIONS & GARLIC, MACADAMIA NUTS, and ALCOHOL (same effect as on humans, but like chocolate it's more toxic because our pets have less body weight to absorb it)

If you think your pet has been poisoned, get in touch with veterinary help before you try any 'cure' (like inducing vomiting)---one suggestion is to list YOUR VETERINARIAN on your cell phone contact list, and also include a 24-hour emergency number---there are several such practices in Central NY, ask your vet which your practice refers to. There's also a PET POISON HELPLINE at (855) 764-7661.

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