Boeheim on FBI basketball probes: 'Would rather have them looking into terrorism'

Boehim reacts to FBI investigating college basketball

Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boehim would rather see the FBI investigate terrorists than college basketball.

Boehim faced several questions regarding his former assistant coach Rick Pitino at the Syracuse University basketball media day Friday. A three-year federal investigation led to Pitino being fired from his position coaching the Louisville men's basketball program.

Boeheim was blunt when asked about that investigation.

"First of all, I think the FBI could do a lot better investigating criminals and terrorists than they can investigating college basketball in my opinion," Boeheim said. "I'm a taxpayer ... I sure as hell would rather have them (the FBI) looking into terrorism and not spending three years investigating AU programs or shoe companies. That's the least of our concern."

The comment came as Boeheim discussed his upcoming 42nd season as head coach of the Syracuse University men's basketball program. Boeheim has held the position since 1976.

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