Girls Scout CEO for the region believes nothing compares to a girl-lead environment

Now girls will have the chance to sign up to be a part of the Boy Scouts of America.

Next fall, girls will be able to sign up to be members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Grey Rolland is Executive Director for the Longhouse Council.

He says in Central New York, there's been interest for a while.

"In a lot of cases there might be seven little boys at a meeting, and three little girls alongside of them. They're doing the same exact thing, they just don't get recognized," Rolland explained.

He asked some scouts who just earned their Eagle Scout honor what they thought of girls joining the organization and having the chance to earn scouting's highest award.

"Would you want her to be able to earn her Eagle Scout? Across the board all the young men in the program said absolutely, my sister should be able to do this," Rolland said.

While the Boy Scouts of America feels this is the right thing to do, Girls Scout CEO for the region, Julie Dale says nothing compares to an all-girl, girl-lead and girl-friendly environment they provide.

They too, have big awards.

"Girls have a very equivalent award to the Eagle Scout. I think that the Eagle Scout has been talked about more but the girls Gold Award is a highly, highly competitive and difficult award to achieve," Dale explained.

While Dale says she's not worried about losing girl scouts, she says this is an opportunity to clear up some misconceptions.

"Everything that Boy Scouts do is offered to Girl Scouts so that's a misnomer. Girl Scouts are not about crafts only," Dale said.

Now it's up to the girls to decide which path to choose.

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