Breaking the budget for Christmas shopping?


Less than two weeks away from Christmas, and while many view this as the season of giving, it is also the season of buying.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average shopper will spend more than $1,000 this Christmas.

As one of the last weekends before Christmas, shoppers at Destiny USA are out in full force.

Some said Christmas shopping is all about the budget and others say not so much.

"I definitely go over budget and end up having to borrow money either from my mom or my sister," Paige Metott said.

Some shoppers are emptying bank accounts and racking up credit card debt.

However, the majority of shoppers play it safe.

Data from LendEdu says 72% of shoppers do not expect to go into debt for Christmas.

"We do have a budget. we have no choice but to stay in the budget," Erika Metott said. "We kind do a lot of planning and ahead of time and do a lot of saving throughout the year."

For those who bust their budget or just don't have one - on average, they're racking up more than $550 worth of debt.

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