Brindisi, Tenney now separated by 1,293 votes after machine error in Broome County

Democrat Anthony Brindisi and Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney (CNYCentral File Photos)

Democrat Anthony Brindisi's slim lead over Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney in the tight race for New York's 22nd Congressional District has gotten even slimmer.

Total raw vote totals from Tuesday's midterm elections showed Brindisi leading by 1,422 votes, but due to a voting machine error in Broome County, now 1,293 votes separate him and Tenney, giving Tenney a net gain of 129 votes.

“There was an issue on Election Night uploading the results from one voting machine In the Town of Barker.," the Broome County Board of Elections said in a statement Thursday afternoon. "The results from this voting machine were not initially included In the unofficial total vote count reported on Election Night, resulting in net gain for Claudia Tenney.”

The tight margin comes after 238,000 votes were cast in the election. The contest will now be decided by absentee ballots, which are continuing to come in and will begin counting some time next week.

More are expected to come in over the next few days, and as long as the ballots are postmarked by the Election Day deadline, most boards of elections expect to start counting the absentee ballots some time next week. It is unsure when a result may be finalized.

In an interview with CNYCentral, Brindisi said on Wednesday that he is "very confident that we won this thing."

The 22nd Congressional District covers Chenango, Cortland, Madison, and Oneida counties, and parts of Oswego, Broome, Herkimer, and Tioga counties. It includes the cities of Binghamton, Utica and Rome.

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