Businesses in Auburn affected by the winter storm

Businesses in Auburn affected by the winter storm

With the wintry weather, restaurants in Downtown Auburn are gearing up for what’s to come.

It affects our dinner crowd that would come in for deliveries, but for the pick up it's actually boosting up coming even more," said Gusto Italiano employee Roberto Calvo.

At the Italian restuaurant, they are expecting most people will try to stay home until the storm passes. Some customers from a different business say they’re trying their best not to get behind the wheel.

"We are not going to drive at all ourselves, not today, not tomorrow.I know it’s going to get really bad tomorrow but, like I said, we’re just, I guess, hoping for the best," said Ashley Janeska.

Janeska was out celebrating a birthday, while trying to stay warm inside at A.T. Walley in downtown Auburn, a place they chose because its close to home.

"We’re not very far up the road, so we’re going to try to call an Uber and hope that helps. If not, we’re going to call probably 911, which hopefully it doesn’t come to that," she added.

A.T. Walley did see a fair number of people right after the workday ended, but business didn't come even close to what a Friday night typically looks like, and they blame the weather for that.

Proprietor Jeff Campagnola said: "People are worried about it, you know? The sheriff was already out yesterday with the travel advisories, so I think people in the county and in the area are worried about it."

The A.T. Walley staff is ready to take on the challenge of clearing whatever the storm brings, however. The proprietor says they go through a lot of salt daily and they shovel the sidewalks.

Neither business is expecting many customers as the snow continues. Instead, they hope everyone avoids the roads as much as possible.

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