Can you drink too much water?

How much water is too much?


he disturbing death of a teen athlete in Georgia has many parents taking notice tonight.
The high school football player died after drinking too many fluids during practice. The family of 17-year-old Zyrees Oliver say he suffered massive swelling around the brain from over-hydration.

We've heard it since we were a kid, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. But, how much is too much? Is it possible to drink so much that you become over


hydrated? Well, the short answer, yes.

While its vital to stay hydrated when you're working out, you can actually over do it, causing life threatening damage.

"In general its recommended to not exceed a liter of fluid in an hour. And, that's about your typical Gatorade bottle that you'll have when kids are playing around or athletes are involved, that's what you would see," says Dr. Spiro Tzetzis.

Dr. Spiro Tzetis goes onto saying that those who are exercising under an hour should consume about 3 to 8 ounces of water every twenty minutes. Those who push it longer than an hour should switch to a drink with electrolytes and consume 3 to 8 ounces every twenty minutes.

And, for exercise buff, for Fatima Faisal she exercises 5 to 6 days a week.

"For me personally, I don't really drink from glasses, I drink from water bottles. So, I'll have four water bottles a day and that's fine for me," says Fatima Faisal.

What's important to remember is that works for her. So, you may need a little more or a little less. And, that's okay. But, its all in moderation.

"If you use your body's signals to keep track of when your thirsty and drinking appropriate amounts and not over doing it, the likeliness of this happening is extremely, extremely, rare," says Tzetzis.

Too much of anything is never a good idea. So, its suggested to listen to your body and know when you've had enough.

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