Candidates make final push for Syracuse Mayor

Candidates make final push for Syracuse Mayor

The night before Election Day is a busy one.

All four candidates were out and about, making their final push to become the next Mayor of Syracuse.

We've seen them debate and campaign, now, it's the eve of election night and the candidates for Syracuse Mayor aren't slowing down.

We begin in downtown Syracuse at Juanita Perez Williams' headquarters, which was filled with supporters for the Democratic candidate.

She just got back from talking with a convenience store owner about tomorrow's big day. Her message?

"It's time that we have someone invested not by politics but by family and the relationships in this community and let's move together in a new way that brings real change that impacts people the way we haven't seen," Perez Williams said.

The competition is fierce between Perez Williams and Independent candidate Ben Walsh. He was at his west-side headquarters makings some last minute phone calls.

"I love this city. I truly believe the best days are ahead of us, and I would encourage anyone else who believes the same, who wants to see the city rise above, I would encourage those to vote for me," Walsh said.

Over to Eastwood, where Republican candidate Laura Lavine put the finishing touches on her campaign, talking one on one with voters about how she intends to make Syracuse better than ever.

"People want a change. They do not want someone that's going to get in there and defend and maintain the status quo, which is at least what two of my opponents are going to do if they get in there," Lavine said.

On the south-side, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins did not let low poll numbers stop him.

"The polls say I'm behind but if nothing else I'm gaining on them and I think we'll surprise on Tuesday with the results," Hawkins said.

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