Capitol Report: Schools Fight Back

Across the state, schools are not only bracing for budget cuts and layoffs, but also the implementation of new teacher evaluation standards. And they TMre not thrilled about any of it. Schools haven't elicited much sympathy from the Governor over the past few weeks| Governor Andrew Cuomo said, "Just think about the debate we had on the budget. It was about funding the business of education. I want to shift the focus to the performance of the education system." : So schools are fighting back. Dr. Rick Timbs, Statewide School Finance Consortium said, "The children aren't going to do well unless we take care of the business of the schools." Even worse than the expected teacher layoffs, Timbs says schools are bracing for an onslaught of angry parents. He referenced a swipe the Governor took at schools a few weeks ago to make a point| Dr. Timbs continued, "They have broken the watch, and| in the last few years they've hit it with a hammer. Who is "they", the State? The state. Yes!" The State is also about to hit the schools with another responsibility " implementing new teacher evaluation standards. We asked Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch about how and when cash strapped schools would be implementing these changes. Merryl Tisch, Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents, answered, "We plan to deliver regulations on time...our timeline what we said in Race to the Top|
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