Carrier Dome officials outline the dos and don'ts when parking for Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney plays the Carrier Dome on Saturday night

With the congestion that came with traffic for a Billy Joel concert two years ago still fresh in his mind, the Carrier Dome's Pete Sala says he is doing everything he can to avoid an encore performance on Syracuse's streets.

"I want to be over-prepared," Sala said. "I want to make sure we look at every detail."

Perhaps the biggest detail to figure out: where to park tens of thousands of concert-goers. Sala says if you're going to the concert and don't already have a parking pass, you'll want to stay away from the S.U. hill.

"The lots are all sold out," Sala said. "It was amazing when we went on sale, how many people with their tickets bought their passes for the lots."

No pass is needed for Skytop; for $20 you can park your car and be shuttled to the Dome. Sala encourages people to enter the Skytop lot by getting off at Brighton Ave and turning onto Ainsley Drive. The plan is to have two lanes of traffic entering and exiting the lot.

But what if you are using Uber or Lyft? Plan to tell your Uber driver to drop you off and pick you up at Waverly Ave and South Crouse Ave.You will have to walk to the Dome from there.

What you choose to wear is also key.

"We are going to have more medical coverage here than we had for any other concert," Sala said. "I am little worried about the heat so we are prepping for that." There is no air conditioning in the Carrier Dome, but Sala said water stations will be positioned across the building for people to hydrate themselves.

In addition to that, Sala encourages all attendees to pack a factory-sealed water bottle, which are allowed inside the concert.

Keeping things moving and keeping things comfortable are Sala's goals.

"This is the show," Sala said. "We are very very excited."

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