Carrier Dome reminders for those planning to attend Paul McCartney concert

Paul McCartney

With Paul McCartney coming to perform at the Carrier Dome on Saturday, the facility is asking those who plan to attend to remember these items.

Timeline of event
Box Office opens 9 a.m.
Parking Lots open 3 p.m.
Free shuttles from Manley and Skytop 4 p.m.
Stadium gates open: 6 p.m.
Concert begins (estimated): 8 p.m. (please note there are no opening acts)

Parking Information/Transportation
Those with pre-purchased permits should follow the directions that were included with their permits. Paid parking is available at the Skytop parking lot. Cash-only parking costs are $20 per car and $40 per RV. Free shuttle transportation is provided to and from main campus to this lot. Accessible parking (for those with ADA hang tags or license plates that signify a disability or medical condition) and free shuttle transportation are available there as well.

Carrier Dome staff advise attendees to arrive early, as there will be high security at venue entrances. All guests will be subject to screening by a handheld metal detector and required to remove cell phones, cameras and keys from their pockets before approaching those metal detectors. The Dome stress attendees to only bring things they will absolutely need so the screening process can go as smoothly as possible.

Guests with tickets for the floor may enter the Dome at any gate and can access the floor seating area from any aisle leading to the floor. They will then have their tickets verified and receive a wristband at the stairs leading up to the floor.

Prohibited items

  • Pocket knives and weapons of any kin
  • Food and beverages (excluding items needed for health/special reasons
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Backpacks or large purses/ bags
  • Containers/coolers (including soft sided)
  • Baby strollers
  • Laptops
  • Animals (excluding service animals)
  • Laser pointers
  • Noise makers/air horns
  • Video recorders, including GoPro‚Äôs
  • Cameras w/ lenses six inches or greater
  • Audio recording devices
  • Album covers

More information can be found by contacting the Carrier Dome Box Office by email at or by phone at 315.443.2121.

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