Cato-Meridian Schools not participating in walk-out day, says safety is a concern

Cato-Meridian district officials say they won't condone students walking out of school Friday morning.

Tomorrow Cato-Meridian students will have a regular day of school while many others around Central New York and the U.S. Will participate in national walk-out day.

Students we spoke with say after threats were made in the district recently, that's OK with them.

"I was worried for my brother cause my brother's in the high school too so like it really hits me in the hear to see these things happen. Because you never used to hear about this back when like I'm sure my parents were kids," said senior Hunter Hayes.

"I feel like it shouldn't be like announced on social media as much I feel like as a school we should've went over it way sooner than it was established, I agree with it though," said Callin Abate.

Superintendent Dr. Terry Ward says it's a decision made to keep the students safe.

"Walking out at ten tomorrow is, is just not creating a safe situation," said Dr. Ward.

Dr. Ward says his four months as superintendent in the district have been consumed by safety concerns.

He says students were talking about plans to walk-out Friday, but that it was too late to organize something that's safe and controlled by school leaders.

"We take it very seriously, the safety piece. So tomorrow at 10 o'clock is problematic because we just feel that it is not safe," said Dr. Ward.

Meantime, students say, it starts with walking out, but you have to be active once you do.

"Don't go home and sit around like actually do something for the community help out, do something," said Hayes.

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