Cazenovia's Beezie Madden advances at Olympics

Beezie Madden & Cortes C had one fault in their first Olympic jumping event Sunday morning. They, and Team USA, advance to Tuesday's competition (Photo: USEF/Shannon Brinkman)

The first event in Olympic horse jumping leaves Cazenovia's Beezie Madden and Team USA very much in the hunt for medals.

75 horse/rider combinations, representing 27 countries and 15 national teams had to jump the course.

Madden and Cortes C had 4 faults---one fence down (a big white brick wall, coming off the water jump. The NBC commentators called it a 'cheap brick' that slid out of place when glanced by the horse's hoof).

Of the 4 on the American team, one rider --Kent Farrington--was faultless, the other three, McLain Ward, Lucy Graves and Madden had one fault apiece.

Team USA qualifies for the team jumping, and all four riders will also qualify for the individual jumping awards.

Next up: Team Round 1 on Tuesday morning.

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