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CNY woman got call saying her mother was in danger; It turned out to be a money scam
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It's a type of scam that has been around for many years that tricks people into paying money. Cash is sent to an attorney or hospital coverage after the victim becomes convinced their loved one is in danger.

It was yesterday when Victoria was with her two-year-old son. She got a call from an unknown number from a man she did not know.

"They called me and told me my mom was in a car accident and that I needed to come pick her up and they wanted me to pick her up from Erie Blvd.," Victoria said.

She was confused and terrified, but fought back, immediately questioning the caller's story.

The man on the other end of the phone became angry, yelling at her to pick her mom up.

Victoria threatened to call the police.

"He was like, 'if you call the police department we're going to kill your mom, we have her phone you can't try to call her,'" Victoria said.

In the background of their phone conversation, Victoria could hear a woman crying. She could tell the cry did not belong to her mother.

She said the story wasn't adding up during their four-minute conversation, so she hung up and called the police.

"They had the 911 dispatcher call my mom’s work and they verified that she was there," Victoria said.

She is hoping to raise awareness to other women who have been or may encounter this type of scam.

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Victoria said she is still questioning the intentions of the man.

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