Children in Fayetteville learn about bullying. Has this issue affected you?

Fayetteville Elementary School students attend an assembly on bullying. / Jessica Cain

Students at Fayetteville Elementary School were visited by some special guests on Tuesday. The Hill Brothers presented an assembly about the dangers of bullying.

The students sang, dance, and listened to songs about what to do if they're being bullied and what to do if they see someone else being bullied. They also all took a pledge by holding up their hands and stating, "I will not bully anyone."

Jerry Raven, one of the Hill Brothers, says he's trying to send a clear message to the students.

"We're all friends here, and if you see something that isn't right, stand by your friends," says Raven.

The Hill Brothers have been performing for children since 1977. They say they started thinking seriously about an anti-bullying show when they heard about the tragedy at Columbine High School. They hope children who see their assemblies will learn to accept one another.

"We use our musical devices and try to give them some comedy, too, to keep their attention and keep them engaged," says Judd Rainbow, one of the Hill Brothers. "Hopefully, they get the message."

Fayetteville Elementary School principal, Nancy Smith, says this assembly is part of a much larger character education program.

"The message is not new," says Smith. "It's ongoing. It will continue, and it needs to. It's integrated through all of our instruction."

Students have been learning about the anti-bullying campaign since last spring. They learned an anti-bullying song and also drew anti-bullying pictures that were put up throughout the school.

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