Cicero Fire Department prepares for flooding

Cicero Fire Department prepares for flooding

CICERO, N.Y. – With the warmer weather approaching, floods are becoming a concern for many home owners. Cicero Deputy Chief George Barrett says his team is ready to protect you and your family.

"Safety certainly takes priority over any other priority that we have. Incident stabilization, if we can keep the incident from spreading to another neighborhood or your house, another street, we'll try to mitigate that as best as we can. And then the final is property preservation," said Barrett.

The department has a prime location to reach a large group of people in need

"They picked this location specifically because it's almost the center of cicero, so if there's something in Brewerton, South Bay, North Syracuse, Bridgeport, we're kind of the center point to east, west, north, and south," he explained.

Cicero has two separate fire stations, each of them on opposite sides of the I-81. They operate mainly out of the newest one, but he says having both comes in handy when accidents block the freeway, and one of the crews isn't able to assist. Even then, Barrett says other departments are ready and willing to help.

"We shut off the electric. We'll try to take out the gas; we can do that from outside, your gas meter very easily so we don't have to go inside of a structure, and then we'll go investigate at that point,” he continued.

Firefighters use sandbags to divert the water, and take other measures depending on the situation. One thing Barrett urges everyone to do in a flood:

"If you find yourself surrounded by water being swept away, dial 911, give your situation, and hopefully the call taker handling your incident will be able to advise you the best course of action," Barrett added.

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