City of Syracuse's new hire, JSK Snow Services, ready to tackle sidewalks

Each machine costs around $30,000 dollars, which includes all the snow removing accessories (CNYCentral Photo).

With plowable snow forecasted for much of Central New York, Syracuse's new hire, JSK Snow Services, based out of Baldwinsville, is ready to clear 44 miles of sidewalks all throughout the city.

The company will be using three new tractors that are fully equipped to handle the job. The Vice President of the company, Nick Henry, said it will take them about six hours to clear the sidewalks.

The tractors have a speed of 11 miles an hour and they would like to average four miles of sidewalk an hour.

"They are carrying a shovel, there is minimum area in which they need this however sometimes they're trying to clean up a lamp post or such," Henry said.

The company was hired by the city to remove sidewalk snow as part of a pilot program, proposed by Mayor Ben Walsh.

In order for the company to head out to clear sidewalks, there needs to be at least 3 inches of accumulation.

"We're excited to take the challenge," Henry said.

The company also has a 54-inch snow blower on the back of them in case they can't get the tractor through a large snow bank.

For the three tractors, there will be three people assigned to sidewalk snow removal. For their first few times out on the streets, there will be a supervisor riding around making sure work is getting done efficiently.

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