Classmate remembers Rotondo: "Seeing him now, it's just very strange."

Classmate remembers Rotondo: "Seeing him now, it's just very strange."

"He was always well-put together. He was a tidy person," Cheryl Pryor, a former classmate of Michael Rotondo, said.

Flipping through yearbooks, Cheryl Pryor remembers a different Michael Rotondo.

"Seeing this whole thing unfold. it just seems very strange and out of character," Pryor said.

A classmate of Rotondo for years, Pryor said she barely recognized the 30-year-old in court fighting to stay under his parent's roof.

"He was a very smart kid. kind of kept to himself," Pryor said.

She points out a picture of Rotondo with short hair saying he was a nice guy with a good sense of humor.

Just seeing him a couple times over the years, she said it was bizarre when his face popped up on the evening news.

“During the interviews and stuff, I’m still picking up on his eyes wandering all over. He’s trying to find ways to do things and fidget. Whether it’s reaching for the hair tie or going over and over his hair," Pryor said.

Now she worries, thinking his recent out-of-character behavior could be a sign of bigger issues.

“He could be dealing with social anxiety or very severe depression, and maybe he’s just not feeling motivated to do anything," Pryor said.

Pryor wonders if it is all a cry for help.

She hopes whatever Rotondo and his family are dealing with gets fixed soon.

“I really wish peace for Mike and his family, and I hope that whatever problems he has get addressed and solved and I hope that he’s able to move forward with his life," Pryor said.

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