Clemson upset spikes SU ticket sales

Clemson upset spikes Syracuse University ticket sales for next home game on November 11th.

A moment that will go down in history for Syracuse University fans, after the stunning upset against the number two ranked Clemson Tigers at the Carrier Dome Friday night.

And now the win is helping ticket sales for the team.

S-U officials say there has been a spike in ticket sales for the next home game that's on November 11th against Wake Forest.

And the momentum is carrying over to next year with an increased interest in 2018 season tickets.

The upset over Clemson was SU's greatest win since they took down number one Nebraska back in 1984.

"It was stocked my dad actually went here in the 80s and he's watched like every game," Jesse Segaul, senior at Syracuse University.

This win was shocking even to many loyal su fans and has most hopeful that the orange program is beginning a return to the top.

"It gave us a lot of momentum moving forward , hopefully we can keep that when we are in Miami, it really shows you the coaches ability to really rally the team, they are ranked we are not," said Jaret Blinstrub, Junior at SU.

Acropolis sits on Marshall Street on SU Hill, the staff says they're used to getting slammed with customers on game day.

They hope this win elevates orange enthusiasm and brings more customers their way.

"We are definitely going to have an increase in business I mean we had a line out the door for Clemson so when they bring another good team another good ranking team, I'm pretty sure we are going to have non stop consistency," explained Rae Popenfuss, works at Acropolis.

With Syracuse hitting the road to take on Miami in just three days, fans hope to keep up the momentum.

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