CNY college student heading to PyeongChang for Winter Olympics

Ithaca College junior Sam Provost is gearing up to fly out to South Korea to intern with the International Olympic Committee during the 2018 Olympic Games.

Sam Provost is a small-town guy from Chazy New York-up near the Canadian border.

Now a junior - he is taking what he's learned at Ithaca College in the business school.

He is setting is sights on the world- leaving the united states for the first time to intern with the International Olympic Committee in PyeongChang, South Korea.

"Working at one of the biggest sporting events in the entire world. It's going to be so much going on, fast-paced, especially with where we're working, so but I'm very excited," explained Provost.

Sam will be one of 20 students from IC going to PyeongChang to intern with the committee.

Called the IOC for short, it's the supreme governing body over the Olympic Games, created in the summer of 1894.

"It's an opportunity of a lifetime, so you know it's, the Olympics come around every couple of years and to have this opportunity to be able to go. And one of our professors is actually from South Korea, so it's a really great connection to have with the KOC and IOC working with us," he said.

Leaving on the 26th, Sam will spend a week before the games in Seoul, South Korea's capitol city sightseeing and meeting professional Korean sports teams.

The following week-it's off to work alongside Olympic athletes from all over the world.

"We have some of us going to the Alpine Skiing center, the curling center which is where I'll be located at," explained Provost.

Sam says he has rough itinerary of where he will be spending his time - but his exact daily tasks will be determined once he gets there.

He's most excited to further his passion for sports management-he wants to work in community relations for a professional sports team one day.

Making the world stage for athletes a stage for him and Ithaca College, too.

"We wanna be the best group over there, and representing Ithaca College, so when we're going over there we want to focus on that. I know we're gonna treat everyone to the highest standard of course," said Provost.

He says, he feels lucky and plans to take time to savor the games.

"Seeing that kind of everyone from all over the world is gonna be there all at once, while you're over in South Korea, it's going to be a pretty amazing scene I'd say," he said.

While he's not an athlete competing for a medal-Sam says he feels like he's winning.

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