CNY drivers react to paying more money at the pump

There's added pressure at the pump nation-wide after Hurricane Harvey. 

MANLIUS, N.Y. -- It's the inevitable pit-stop that drivers like Jeff Furnesse notice is getting a little more pricey these days.

"I've been keeping an eye on the gas at the pumps, it's been going up. It's supply and demand," said Furnesse.

While it's a pain in the wallet, Jeff says he needs gas for his truck, his lawn mower and other machines.

But he says it's the people down south who are really suffering.

"Seeing all the devastation that Harvey has done, I really feel sorry for them people down there," explained Furnesse.

We also met April Sherbourne tonight who watches gas price trends closely.

"Honestly, around this area, everything seems to be kind of steady still," said the Manlius resident.

"Hasn't been that much of a hike for me, where I was like oh I have to like you know, go out to East Syracuse or I have to go you know onto Thompson Road sometimes I use the Quik-Fill out there cause it's really cheap too, but it hasn't really affected me that much," said Sherbourne.

She uses an app called Gas Buddy to scout out the best price.

"I've been using it literally for about two years, I use it all the time, I really do."

Jeff says, it doesn't matter what happens now, because if you're gonna drive, you've got to get gas.

"Just suck it up, and hopefully in two, three months we'll be back to normal," said Furnesse.

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