CNY flatware manufacturer taking part in 'Made in America' week

The CNY manufacturer is being honored during the President's "Made in America" week.

ONEIDA, N.Y.---Dave Brewster grew up in Canastota, but his mother and other family members worked at what was then Oneida limited, what is now Sherrill Manufacturing.

He says she made $14 an hour making spoons during what he says was the height of American industry.

"We had 3,000 people come here and work, I get so emotional over this. They worked their lives here in this factory and they raised their families," said Brewster.

Now he looks on at what's called Liberty Tabletop - which started in 2010 - one of the only flatware manufacturers in the country still around.

They just got the chance to celebrate what it means to say "Made in the U.S.A."

"Last week we got a call from the White House, saying that they were going to have some sort of event this week," said William Owens of Liberty Tabletop.

That event, Made in America Week, is being hosted by President Donald Trump.

William Owens says though it's tough to stay competitive when so many retail giants are out there with cheaper products.

"Kind of what keeps us going on, this huge made in America push. A lot of support from a lot of very good people, we were very excited to get the call," said Owens.

He says he and everyone else at liberty tabletop are feeling like a resurgence of demand for American products is on the rise.

Something Dave Brewster says he would love to see-American men and women working on products.

He says he and everyone else at Liberty Tabletop are feeling like a resurgence of demand for American products is on the rise.

"I'd like to see a generation raised up to go to work, be men, be strong be proud of your country those are the things. I think this is excellent," said Brewster.

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