CNY Gold Star parents speak out after president's latest comments

CNY Gold Star parents speak out after president's latest comments

Just last month, Gold Star mothers in Central New York were honored at the War Memorial with a new exhibit.

The mothers offer support to one another as they carry on the memory of their sons or daughters who died while serving in the military.

A Gold Star mother and father from Marcellus believe the controversy over what President Trump said to a military widow is frustrating, and think he should apologize.

Marsha and William Connor say losing their son Patrick in 1991, after he served in the First Gulf War, has never gotten easier.

President George H.W. Bush contacted them directly.

"He had been missing in action for over a month or so and we got a card from President Bush, a very nice card and I'm sure that was just like what the others got, that was nice," Marsha Connor said.

"There's a lot of loss in a family that doesn't go away, it lasts with you for a long time," William Connor said.

As the two follow the news of a military widow's phone call with President Trump, and that he may have implied that her husband knew what he was getting into by joining the armed forces, they say it's hard to know what really happened.

Beyond that, they think comments like that, are dividing our nation.

"Wrong attitudes to have, we should be standing together and if we're going to survive as a nation and as a people, and we have a future for our children and our grandchildren, we better stand together," William Connor said.

But the Connor's say it comes down to having candor when speaking to someone, no matter who you are.

Marsha says no mother needs to be reminded that their son or daughter may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. She lives every day with the loss of her son, who she says was born with a huge smile on his face.

"No, I didn't ever expect to have that happen, you know, I mean I prayed every day for his safety and for his well-being," Marsha Connor said.

She says the most comforting words actually come from those who served alongside the fallen soldier.

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