CNY man who lived in Puerto Rico upset over president's recent tweets about the island

CNY man who lived in Puerto Rico upset over president's recent tweets about the island

Roland Sanchez has been back in Fulton for two days, since leaving Puerto Rico.

He says Puerto Rico is slowly getting the help it needs to rebuild the island.

He feels attacked by the latest comments from the president about threatening to pull out first responders.

"It is a slap in the face and it really just makes me angry," Sanchez said.

His family is disappointed and hurt as they try to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Maria.

Thursday he spoke to his mom who is still on the island picking up the pieces.

"The power company is there also clearing out telephone poles and power poles and cleaning up the debris," Sanchez said.

Weeks after the storm, many are still without power and running water.

He says Puerto Rico can't rebuild on its own.

That's why he wants the president to keep first responders in Puerto Rico for as long as they need help.

"To pull them out I think it would be a great disservice and a big mistake on their part because there are people dying right now. They need help, they need medical attention, they need to have the streets and road clears for transport trucks and supplies to get to those people," Sanchez added.

He says it doesn't matter what was going on in Puerto Rico politically before the hurricane, the people living there are U. S. citizens, and deserve support and help from our government.

"If they are willing to die for this country, the good of this country and the good of this cause, then they should receive medical treatment and any benefits that any other state would receive," Sanchez said.

Sanchez says Puerto Rico will never be the same.

He hopes the island gets the help it needs as they work to rebuild their lives.

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