CNY Manufacturers go to the White House

Liberty Tabletop in Sherrill got recognition at the White House Wednesday for Made in America Week.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.---A selfie with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney along with Greg Owens and Matt Roberts- snapshot of small-town entrepreneurs making a big-time impact on the entire country.

Greg Owens and Matt Roberts own Liberty Tabletop in Sherrill, they were called on to come to the White House along with Congresswoman Tenney Wednesday to celebrate all things 'made in America.'

"The President came in and walked right over, and we were right by the door so I think he recognized me so he came right over to shake hands with me and Greg, and that was really fun they were excited," continued the Congresswoman, "We were sitting around a big table with a room full of entrepreneurs and in the middle of the round table, was a big display of all the different products that were made in America."

Included in that display their flatware they are the only manufacturer left in the U.S. to make all their products in America.

Congresswoman Tenney says from the minute she visited Sherrill manufacturing she knew she had to fight to keep American-made products a priority for people who work as hard as Owens and Roberts.

"It was just an incredible experience and I was just overwhelmed by how well Matt and Greg have done and their advocacy and they're just so energetic they're just really phenomenal," said Congresswoman Tenney.

Congresswoman Tenney says it's also a sign that American industry could be on the rise once again.

"They were just completely thrilled to be sitting in the White House and it was very exciting for Sherrill and to it there and look at these two guys who started this company and here they are in the White House as part of the White House's signiture program which is 'buy America,' " said Congressman Tenney.

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