CNY poverty highlighted in proposal to Amazon led by Centerstate CEO

The proposal was sent to Amazon HQ for consideration.

Centerstate CEO Andrew Fish said there's potential for major growth and success if Amazon decides to make its second headquarters in central New York.

"There's a growing divide of inequality, and so in order to solve this problem, we have to be intentional about it and what we've invited Amazon to join is in that intentional effort," Fish said.

Centerstate took a unique approach and dedicated the last part of their proposal to poverty. Syracuse ranks no. 1 in concentrated poverty for African Americans and Hispanics in the nation.

Centerstate says while there's resources for those in poverty here, there aren't enough jobs.

"You're never going to get people out of a poverty situation by just providing services, right?" Fish said. "There has to be economic opportunity that comes with that. There has to be a pathway out of that and employment is a major part of that."

One of those community resources is the Syracuse Rescue Mission-Chief Programming Officer Dan Sieburg. He said there are about 400 people who use shelters each night.

He's hopeful central New York will be a top contender for Amazon.

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"We need to accelerate everybody that is looking to find gainful employment and then equip them with the skills that could land them a job at an Amazon or an organization like that," Sieburg said, "I think it's really going to be a powerful statement for our community if that, if Amazon or any organization comes here, and then you can start to see the transformation in our area."

It's a transformation that could led to widespread change, with central New York as a success story.

"If Amazon can kind of lay the template and say this is how this is done right , then other communities around the country and really around the world can follow that template, so that's the lasting impact," Fish said.

Now the wait continues as application are reviewed.

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