CNY Puerto Rican community helping those devastated by Maria

PUERTO RICO DONATIONS.transfer_frame_698.png

It is a community-wide effort.

Puerto Ricans across Central New York are stepping up to bring relief to loved ones who are reeling from Hurricane Maria.

“I don’t think we were like ready, have the idea of the intensity that the damage that the devastation caused our island but we knew we needed to be ready," Luz Encarnacion said.

Encarnacion, along with many in the community, are collecting life's essentials to send home to help.

It is a way for her to do something positive during a difficult time.

She and many other Puerto Ricans have no communication with family.

“I knew that it was going to be a few days without communication. I didn’t realize how much damage the storm caused and not knowing is very painful," Encarnacion said.

Encarnacion said the items already collected will be sent down as soon as possible.

She hopes that is not the end of it.

She wants donations to continue.

“This is the beginning of a long term journey. I know a lot of people help for the first few weeks of devastation like this, but then they forget about in a month, and people are still suffering," Encarnacion said.

These are not the only Central New Yorkers looking to help those devastated by hurricane season.

On Sunday, four musical acts took the stage at Sharkey's in Liverpool.

All of them donated their performance.

Todd Tobin, with the Todd Tobin Band, said the money donated from the concert will help those trying to put their lives back together.

“All of us. If we just give a little bit, if all of us do it together, we’re going to make something great happen for those folks down there who have been just decimated," Tobin said.

Below are a few donations sites for Puerto Rico:

Spanish Church of God, 108 Grace street

YWCA, 401 Douglas Street

La Casita cultural center, 109 Otisco Street

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