CNY residents react to President Trump's Israel announcement

Protests erupt in Jerusalem after President Trump's announcement, naming the city the capital of Israel.

It's a controversial announcement many fear could spark violence in the Middle East.

"This is going to make an already complicated process of trying to reach peace in the region nearly impossible," Ashley Bohrer said.

President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the U.S. embassy there, is unsettling to Ashley Bohrer, a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace.

She has family and friends living there and says this will disrupt any form of peace agreement.

"Friends who are Palestinian, who are Christians, who are Jews, who are Muslims, who are Athesists all of whom find this move, who believe this move would counter to what is necessary to their lives, future, and humanity," Bohrer said.

But several rabbi's in central New York support the president's move, including rabbi Yaakov Rapoport.

"This is the recognition of something that should have happened years ago," Rabbi Rapoport said.

He says he agrees the capital should move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

But he also hopes this won't cause more violence in the already volatile region.

"I think it's an excellent idea, that's the capital, where else have you heard a country not having their embassy at their capital and where have you heard anyone telling their country where the capital should be," he said.

A move that could take years to complete.

The question that remains, will it lead to peace in the Middle East?

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