CNY sports venues double checking security procedures after Boston bombings

Sports across Syracuse are looking at their security procedures as they continue playing.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, sports venues throughout the city of Syracuse are taking a closer look at security procedures. This is to reassure their fans they are safe at these public and fun games.

When fans come to a chiefs game at NBT Bank stadium, they are focused on the sunshine, the distinct sound of a bat and ball colliding or cheering on their hometown team. What isn't in the front of many fans minds is the possibility of being a target of an attack.

John Simone is the General Manager with the Chiefs. As someone in a position who keeps the public safe, the events on Monday put him on high alert. "It's a different world than it was 20 to 30 years ago. You have to be concerned about the safety of your fans and we try to do the best we can with the techniques that we've been told to do by the local authorities here in town," says Simone. "Obviously when something like this happens we're a little bit more alert than maybe we would have been and it gets everybody a little bit, looking for things that you don't always do, but you should."

The Syracuse Crunch are also increasing their security for their home playoff game this weekend. Before the game begins, fane can expect to see their bags checked for the first time this season as a precautionary measure.

The Mountain Goat Race gets underway in just over two weeks. Matt Werder is the Director of Marketing and he is taking every precaution necessary.


e are reviewing our security action plan with the Syracuse police early next week. We have those things in place, we want to make sure what we have planned is going to be sufficient for this year in light of what happened Monday

," says Werder.

This is the hope that everyone at all these sporting events throughout Syracuse has for the future as we all move forward from Monday's Tragedy.

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