CNY teen heading to China to be an 'air ambassador'

Brian Williams readies to go to China to serve as an air ambassador (CNYCentral File Photo)

Cadet Col. Brian Williams just graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt High School.

On Saturday, he's off to China as an ambassador for the Civil Air Patrol.

"Honored. I've worked for it. It wasn't easy," he said.

Williams, who is 18, already has an impressive resume. He is part of the International Air Cadet Exchange. He has been active in the Cap Cadet Program since 2012. He is one of 1,000 cadets to reach the highest levels of the Civil Air Patrol, a wing of the Air Force that grooms young people and leaders.

This allows cap cadets an opportunity to serve as ambassadors by visiting other countries while promoting international friendship and understanding through aviation.

"The overall goal is to immerse myself in it, get a good feel what its like to live there, how it differs from American culture," Williams said.

For three weeks, he'll tour cities and historical sites in China. He has studied Mandarin for years and is eager to learn about Chinese culture.

"What I'm really interested to see is how people live differently, especially when it comes to politics or internet or speech or stuff like that," Williams said.

And of course, he'll get his first adventure in diplomacy.

"Cause I know I'm going to be asked questions, I know the political climate in America isn't necessarily the best in terms as America as a whole and that's not just exclusive to here," Williams said.

Overseas, Williams will present other Civil Air Patrol ambassadors from all over the world with gifts. He'll be bringing Girl Scout cookies and a key chain with a big apple on it — a nod to New York City.

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