CNY woman collecting cards for Las Vegas shooting victims

Stacks of holiday cards sit on top of Jaclyn Schildkraut's counter-she's preparing to send them to children who lost loved ones in the Vegas shooting massacre.

"I want to wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas and an amazing holidays. I understand that this is not the best of holidays, but I do want you to know that people are always looking out for you, and I know you're meant to do amazing things in the future."

That's the first line in one of the 400-plus cards Jaclyn Schildkraut has in her kitchen.

It's the result of an effort that started after her friend, who lives in Las Vegas, lost someone during the mass shooting there on Oct. 1.

Tanya Pekes started #58BenefitsofGratitude 58 representing the number of people killed in that shooting.

Schildkraut offered up writing a letter to one of these kids as extra credit for her students.

"I started to think about, we could be making a much bigger impact. So I sent a few emails out through my universities, through my university, made a Facebook post, and it took off like wildfire," Schildkraut said.

She estimated she's got at least 1000 cards on the way from across the country as her students continue to write them.

"I had several students who emailed me and said 'Can I get all 44 names? I'd like to write a card to every single person,'" Schildkraut said.

Schildkraut keeps the cards on her kitchen counter a constant reminder of the holiday warmth that each letter will bring to these children.

"I would just love for them to have their heart just feel a moment of peace, and comfort and love," Schildkraut said.

It's a way for so many to not feel so helpless after tragedy strikes.

If you would like to write a card, email Jaclyn Schildkraut at

Or, you can send a card to this address: Jaclyn Schildkraut; P.O. Box 368; Clay, NY 13041.

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