CNY woman thanks police for arresting her, thereby ending drug addiction

It was a moment of genuine gratitude — a "thank you" letter for a life saved that came in the form of a post on the Rome Police Facebook page.

The poster was grateful to officers for arresting her.

She said it was the spark that would change her future.

“I always say God will give you a backwards helping hand — where it feels like it’s such a horrible thing in the moment and turns out to be exactly what you needed," Emily Champagne said.

After years of addiction, Champagne said she got exactly what she needed in the spring of 2015 in Rome.

Officers arrested her after catching her and a friend smoking crack in a car.

“It’s a disease. There was something in my brain that from a very young age picked up the substance and said 'you know, I like this,'" Champagne said.

Champagne spent over a week detoxing in a cell and then went to rehab. And now, after two and a half years without using, she wanted those who helped to know.

“I went on their Facebook and I messaged him and I told him the whole story, start to finish, and said I just want to thank you guys for saving my life," Champagne said.

Rome Police said it is not often they get a message like Champagne's.

“It makes us feel great. Police officers in general love to hear that interaction you had with somebody changed somebody’s life," said Jeff Lanigan, detective with the Rome Police Department.

Champagne said because of police and the judge, for the first time in her life, she faced consequences for her addiction.

Now she is looking forward and happy about her future.

"They truly saved me from myself and I don’t think I could ever thank them enough. I don’t think a message on Facebook could ever be enough," Champagne said.

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