CNY woman has deadly heart attack while at hospital, survives thanks to staff's actions

Laura Scott, who suffered a massive heart attack at St. Joseph's Hospital, says she was at the right place at the right time (CNYCentral Photo)

Laura Scutt feels lucky to be alive.

Less than a month after she said she nearly died, the Groton woman is counting her blessings and thanking those who saved her life.

"I remember I got out into the hallway and sat down on my walker and the next thing I came to was probably 20 people on top of me," she said.

That was the moment she thought her life was over.

Scutt had taken her father to a doctor's appointment at St. Joseph's Hospital and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"I had to take my dad up to St. Joe's to have his pacemaker defibrillator removed due to an infection," she said.

Hours later, she was ready to head back home when something didn't seem right.

"I was just dizzy and kind of in a fog," Scutt said. "I remember that but that's the last thing I remember."

Being at the hospital, she just happened to be surrounded by nurses who jumped in to do CPR.

Scutt doesn't remember many details about those moments. But doctors later told her she suffered a massive widow maker heart attack — the most deadly kind.

"This is the last thing I could think to ever happen to me. Never in my life would've I thought that," Scutt said.

Three weeks after his brush with death, Scott said she's grateful for her guardian angels.

"I would not be here if it didn't happen right there," she said.

St. Joseph's Hospital was able to eventually identify the nurses who saved Scutt's life. She is hoping to arrange a meeting with the nurses so she can thank them.

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