CNY woman's parents stuck in Florida as Irma moves closer

PARENTS IN IRMA.transfer_frame_1207.png

As hundreds of thousands of people evacuate coastal Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma, many flights and rental cars have been sold out, leaving some people wondering how they can get out.

A Chittenango woman is worried for her parents who are both stuck in Florida.

"They live in Merritt Island but they've temporarily relocated to Orlando," Leah Conway said.

Initially, that was not the evacuation plan for Leah Conway's dad and his wife.

They have seen quite a few hurricanes during the years they have called Florida home, but this is the first time they decided it is serious enough to get out.

However, that has been easier said than done.

"At this point, since they can't get flights out they're just going to plan to stay at that hotel in Orlando until Tuesday at least," Conway said.

Leah's dad and his wife booked a flight for Saturday to stay with family out of state, but the airline cancelled, leaving them stuck in Irma's path as the category 4 storm churns toward south Florida.

"They started scrambling, I started scrambling, my sister started scrambling to look for another flight for them.," Conway said.

However, Leah could not find a flight.

So, they slowly drove through packed roads away from the coast to a hotel in Orlando.

"At this point they say we're just staying put. It's better. We're not either coast. And this place seems well enough," Conway said.

Leah has her mom to worry about too.

She lives in a mobile home park in central Florida and is staying put.

The bumper to bumper traffic is just too difficult to get through.

"I mostly worry about not being able to communicate with them. It's bad enough to know something bad might happen. Right now, we're in constant communication, texting and calling. If that goes down and I'm not able to know what's happening and then the fear takes over," Conway said.

A fear that many people around the country have while loved ones in Florida brace for this monster storm.

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