CNYCentral/NBC 3 news anchor Megan Coleman is feeling much better

News anchor Matt Mulcahy and Megan Coleman

NBC 3/CNYCentral news anchor Megan Coleman is feeling much better this evening after falling ill during the 5:30 newscast tonight.

Megan had not been feeling well during the day, but was toughing it out hoping to finish the broadcast when she fell ill. Anchor Matt Mulcahy directed the newscast take a commercial break to give her a moment. Michael Benny was also on the set and assisted Megan.

A short time later - off the air - Megan was laughing, talking and walking. Paramedics checked her out just to be sure she was o.k. They found her to be alright, but ordered her to get some rest and relaxation at home this weekend.

Viewers who were watching about ten minutes before 6:00 sent e-mails, Facebook messages and Tweets wishing Megan well. "Get well Megan," wrote Karen Murray. ''I felt so bad for you as I watched the show. God bless."

Hundreds of viewers clicked Like on the Facebook post that let everyone know Megan was o.k.

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