Cold continues again today, but better, brighter & milder conditions are next

Snow - Please Stop.jpg

I have been telling you since early Monday morning that this entire week would be cold and at times snowy. That certainly has come true.

I think most of us can agree that our patience is wearing thin! In fact, I have attached to this web story my plea to have mother nature please stop the snow!

We want to see your pictures or videos of the snow from last night & this morning. Post yours here on Burst.

While today will be less snowy, temperatures will remain well below normal, especially for the afternoon high. I have also been forecasting that our conditions would slowly get brighter and better through the weekend with higher afternoon temperatures. Our warmest weather is still on the way for Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. So, it looks like my plea for the snow to stop will work!

I have attached to this web story a picture of the big change in high temperatures through the course of the week.

Today's afternoon high will be near 40 degrees today. The high temperature Saturday should be in the upper 40s. The afternoon high should then increase to near 55 for Sunday. My forecast continues to show a very good chance for getting over 60 degrees for Monday and Tuesday. I am forecasting 64 degrees for Monday afternoon and 66 degrees for Tuesday afternoon. Keep in mind, that while it will be noticeably milder during these afternoon, the late night and the early mornings hours will still be chilly.

Here are a couple of interesting statistics about the cold and snow:
• The last time Syracuse hit 60 degrees was back on February 28th when it hit 64 degrees.
• The last time Syracuse had sticking snow later than April 20th in the spring was 3 years ago on April 23rd, 2015.

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