Comfortable weather brings the lowest high temperature in over 3 weeks & a near record low

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Good morning! Here is what you need to know before you go.

We are waking up to temperatures that are wide ranging. Most of central New York should have temperatures in the 60s for early to mid-morning. However, across the coolest countryside, temperatures are as low as the middle to upper 50s. Number should increase into the lower 70s by the lunch hour.

As cool, Canadian air crosses Lake Ontario, there are some lake effect clouds that will be over sections of upstate New York. The best chance for the most lake effect cloud cover through the morning will be south of Lake Ontario, over and south of the Finger Lakes. Otherwise, expect a mixture of sunshine and clouds.

Afternoon high temperatures today will be the lowest in over 3 weeks. My forecast calls for a high temperature between 72 and 76. The coolest high temperature this month was on July 6th when it hit 77 degrees. Assuming it does not get to 77, the last time it was cooler for a daytime high was June 25th when it hit 72 degrees. That was 23 days ago!

I have attached a video forecast showing an hour-by-hour progression of today’s weather hour-by-hour and place-by-place across central New York.

For this evening into tonight and Thursday morning, expect cooler temperatures. In fact, Thursday morning’s early morning low temperature will be close to a record low! Syracuse’s record low for July 19th is 49 degrees set back in 1939. Records go back to 1902. I am forecast Syracuse to get to about 52 degrees. However, the normally cooler countryside will likely hit the 40s around sunrise. Expect rapidly rising temperatures, though for Thursday. With plenty of sunshine, Thursday afternoon’s high temperature should recover nicely. Expect a high temperature around 80 degrees.

I have attached another web video that includes a dog walking forecast and the forecast for the Janet Jackson concert this evening, and your pool party forecast.

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