Commitment to safety credited with saving visitor's life

The emergency response team at the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant is being honored with this year's Real Heroes Workplace Safety Award. Team members say the company has a commitment to safety, which paid off by saving a plant visitor's life

Employees at the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant in Scriba will tell you that safety is a major part of the nuclear culture. It was that way with the previous plant owner, and it's a commitment that continues with current owner Exelon.

That commitment paid off when a contractor - at a meeting in a plant conference room - collapsed with a massive heart attack. Workers quickly responded to the emergency, gathering defibrillators (AEDs) and other lifesaving equipment posted and maintained by the company, on the way.

The emergency response team quickly began doing CPR, and the contractor survived, thanks to the efforts of eleven Fitzpatrick workers.

Jeff DeMong, an industrial safety adviser at the plant, points out the commitment means an investment of tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours of training, all to be ready to save a life if the need arises.

Tom Stone, a maintenance supervisor at Fitzpatrick, says that after years of lifesaving training by the Red Cross and through the plant, this was his first time actually putting it to use. He now tells his children it's the best thing he's ever learned, and that they should be officially trained, too.

Jeff, Tom, and nine co-workers at Fitzpatrick are being honored with the Red Cross Real Heroes '17 Workplace Safety Award.

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