Community comes together to celebrate their fight against cancer


f you were inside the Holiday Inn in Liverpool on Sunday, you might think it was all for a young child's birthday party. There was all kinds of music, face painting and balloons.

For all of the cancer survivors coming together, that's exactly the way they want to celebrate their gift of life, as they remember the past while throwing a party for the present.

SUNY Upstate brought hundreds of neighbors and their families together who have all survived cancer. Some at the event have been survivors for more than 20 years, while others have only recently overcome their battle with cancer.

National Cancer Survivor's Day is being celebrated across the country, bringing people together who all share the same story. For many this day gives them a way to talk to complete strangers about their lives, learning that they are not alone in fighting their cancer and facing life in remission.

Emily Sokol is a 12 year survivor of cancer."I

t feels nice, knowing that I have the chance to do this now and I had the possibility that I didn't have the chance," says Sokol.

James Armstrong survived his battle with nasal cancer. "N

ormally, anyone I ever knew never made it


never survived it. You think about the fight that they went through with trying to survive and the treatments just make them sick and it's just tough and it's tough on everyone

," says Armstrong.

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