Community gives mixed opinions on new police chief

Community members are hopeful for immediate change in the city from new police chief.

The new police chief said he should be on the job in Raucous just after Thanksgiving. Many in the community are hopeful, yet skeptical.

"Change is good, you know someone new is good," Brandon Tyson said.

"Getting a new police chief is not a bad idea but how do you get somebody that's from another state that doesn't know anything about the New York State of mind," Darwyn Budd said.

Darwyn Budd has lived in Syracuse since the 70s and said he's watched the city change dramatically.

He wanted a chief that already understood the diversity of the city and it's issues, inside and out.

"You have to grow up here, you have to go to school here to know how New York is done," Budd said.

"I think having someone new from different cities is great, you know it brings new variety," Meagan Durr said.

Meagan Durr is from Arkansas herself and is excited to see Chief Buckner here.

Buckner's background comes with controversy. He once lost his own weapon and the Little Rock Black Police Officer's Association has made complaints about him alleging racial discrimination.

Many of the people we spoke with said they are willing to make their own judgments.

"Hopefully you know, we can learn from our past and he's able to come in with a clean slate and be effective in his job and support his community," Tyson said.

"That shouldn't effect what he's doing, what he's doing is great you know having him come here showing people different type of way," Durr said.

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