Southside community leaders making positive impact despite gang activity

Southwest Community Center Library worker Dondrea Davis discusses community outreach on Syracuse's southside. (Photo: cnycentral)

A federal indictment unsealed Monday reveals charges against 14 men from Syracuse who investigators said are part of the “110 Gang.”

The group is accused of conspiring to commit murder, drug trafficking and credit card fraud, according to U.S. Attorney Grant Jaquith. He said the 110 territory includes the area encompassing Tallman St. to the north, Onondaga Ave. to the west, Centennial Dr. to the south and Lincoln Ave. to the east.

Southside residents said they’re well aware of Monday’s charges against the 14 men. Regardless of their actions, some community leaders said they hope the system treats them fairly. "Being an advocate for my community I hope that they’re judged on their actions at that moment in time or whatever they’re being arraigned for...versus trying to make an example,” said Dondrea Davis.

Dondrea Davis works at the Southwest Community Center Library. A staple of positivity located in law enforcement's map of 110 gang territory. Davis' job takes him out into the community he grew up in. He works to bring people resources they need to help build a better life.

He said being from the southside helps their program's success.

Scattered through the gang’s turf lie churches and places of worship. Places Davis said are actively pulling kids and teens in the right direction.

“Now they don’t only try to incorporate children coming closer to god, but give them awareness of behaviors that can lead them to being incarcerated, hurt or even dead," said Davis.

Davis said curbing the violence is a community effort..from residents to police to the city itself.

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